Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The Best Day :)

I spent the whole of Monday in total awe it has to be said.
Me and my partner in art and crime: Christian, along with Betty from our course had been invited by Justin Mortimer to visit his studio (which he shares with Phil Hale, one of my all time contemporary painting heroes!)

It was am-aaaa-zing.
Having studied Phil's work quite alot, Justins work was relatively new to me. It is soo good (now on a par with my admiration for Phil) and we spent like 3 hours just going through all his old work around the studio and looking at the new piece he's working on which is in a different style to usual. He seemed to really like some of the comments I made about his painting which was cool, and made me realise that this was probably just as helpful to him as it was to us. I can imagine that its good to have fresh student eyes on your work rather than professional art nonesense all the time. We paid a visit to Phil but he didnt have much work about, after just shipping most of it out somewhere. His studio was a really cool space to be in, and he gave us an awesome gift :D
We had such a fun day. They were really friendly and have invited us back to a private viewing of a show theyre putting on soon.

We then got pizza (very important) and went to the National Portrait Gallery to see the Richter portraits exhibition. It was really good, but I got more excited over seeing Justin and Phil's work in the main gallery. Makes such a difference to see how much work goes into the pieces and how they go about their creative process.

I've been wanting to paint so much recently and this just made it almost unbearable. Somehow I just cant wait to finish uni so I can get back into painting without worrying about tutors telling me it doesnt fit in with what im doing or something familiar like that.

Have often had the thought that although I like the freedom of a Fine Art course, I also wish i'd stuck to one medium, as now, after 3 years, i feel like im alright at alot of things, but not reaaally good at anything. Maybe if i'd just stuck to painting and nothing else, i'd be really good at it by now?

anyway, I have to go and write an artist's biography for the Free Range Exhibition this summer, but i'll just suggest you check out the work of Justin and Phil.
:) it's awesome.

Justin Mortimer

Phil Hale