Thursday, 5 March 2009

here we go

Hello :)

Thought i'd just put up some of the work I've done so far this year. Is it wrong that i prefer the work I did the first day back in October to anything i've done since? hmm.. maybe i'm moving in the wrong direction?

I'm feeling like a really useless artist today.. this whole week infact.. so i suppose today is a good day to start this. Maybe it will help me to look at my work in a different way? .... or maybe it will just contribute to my overly self-critical nature.. who knows.

But i suppose being self critical isnt always a bad thing.. one thing i've learnt from being a hypocrit is that.. when giving people advice on problems which i have myself.. I seem to realise that if you have a critical attitude towards your work it means you will always be improving it.. as if you are satisfied with what you've produced all the time, you wont feel the need to develop it. Therefore, seeing the faults in your work suggests that you know you can produce better.. which while putting your current work down, actually compliments your potential. Happy days huh!? :)