Thursday, 26 March 2009

stop frame happiness :)

Took a small stop frame workshop a little while back and its completely turned my work in a new direction. Alot of my photography had started to be sequential, so it seemed only natural to start to put these together and create something new out of them.. give the work a new realm in which to exist.

So this is my first ever stop frame animation which I made using paper. Last night I played with projecting the work which I really love although I couldnt successfully document this to put up because the light blinded out the image on the camera (must find a way to get round this). Wish I could put it up, was really cool in a dark space. I was working with projecting into an old box frame I was given. Quite small and square. I like how it looks like a normal picture on the wall and then you realise that its moving so i may do some more which are really still but only have slight movement.. like a living picture, to play with this idea abit more.

:)getting excited about things coming together in a different way <3