Monday, 9 March 2009

why is it so 'fine' anyway??

I feel that i've only just recently come to understand what 'fine art' actually is.. and i dont really like it that much. I don't feel like i want to be apart of the whole 'fine' art circle once i've completed by degree. It's all too.. blah

I want to be able to draw or paint or make images which are useful, which serve a purpose and dont just sit on a white washed wall with people going 'i dont get it'.

Fine art today (esp fine art education) favours the abstract and its becomming more and more difficult to get recognition for anything traditional or just anything which places its emphasis on the method or general skill in making the image, rather than the weird concept behind it.

This is why as a career I want to work on specific projects, I want to help people who have a concept but cannot illustrate it themselves. In my first year I did some work illustrating a children's book which was great but I recently did some work for director Mehul Desai on some of his short films. I love doing this and its really rewarding knowing that how i've interpreted the script can effect how the film will eventually look. I illustrated selected scenes and then these are used when applying for funding, to give an idea of the feel and look of the film. I've unfortunately stopped working on these as im nearing the end of my final year (and I have a part time job too) but Christian who was also working for Mehul has continued with the concept art which can be seen via the link on top right of my page.
Hopefully I can work on some more projects like this after i've finished my degree in the summer :)

SILENCE, opening scene:

SILENCE, tv scene with mannequins:

EVACUATION, death of 'alien' scene: