Friday, 5 June 2009

Its been a while...

Hello all.

Has been a while since my last update because ive been finishing my degree and everything got very busy and stressfull. All over now though. I'm really quite sad about it.
My work is currently on show at my university gallery and then it moves to the Free Range exhibition at the old truman brewery Gallery in London.

I'm very proud of our class, we sold a large amount of work at the private view earlier this week. Very happy.

I also have a more formal website now:

still putting things up.

Particularly proud of my Christian who did so very well at the show, had a great response, sold alot of work and has been contacted by a london gallery already!!

There's a link to his blog on my links, but he too has a website in the works:

At the current exhibition I have my own room with two series of photographic work and one projection in a darkend area within the space.
Was very suprised as I have got the best response and most compliments about the projection, which I did as a small experiment alongside the photography work, was the first stop-frame animation I have done and the first time i've used projection. Although i did sell a photograph, I think I may do some more stop-frame work in the future. Difficult to sell, but obviously more interesting for gallery viewers. I had a few people tell me it was their favourite thing in the show which just makes all the stress seem worth while. Super chuffed :)

anyway, hope everyone is well and happy, please visit my website and feel free to sign the guest book. xx