Friday, 17 July 2009

Home from the Warhouse

Hey all. just a quick update as i want sleeeep!

just got back home from the warhouse as i have work this weekend.
(starting to think I should of taken Ben up on his offer to pay me my weekends wages to stay on set, but I have such a guilty conscience, cant do the 'pulling a sicky' thing. why am i too nice??)

aaanyway, had an awesome and tiresome week on set. Im so damn excited about this film, the footage ive seen so far looks amazing. everyone is really nice and i cant wait to go back on monday morning.

Journals are nearly finished, just have to add some dialog into them which hasnt actually been written yet. Plus looks like me and chris will be painting up some knives which his brother Tim will be sending over soon.
anyway, yes, need sleep. i'll just throw up a few visuals :)

just looked up from my laptop to see joe (the main character who we've been filming with all week) on my TV :)

This one is really exciting, the first of my journals to be properly covered. They will all eventually look like the lost writings of known authors.