Thursday, 9 July 2009

War Time Tea Party


Took down the free range exhibition earlier this week at the Truman Brewery in Brick Lane, London. Has been a stressful but good experience, although cant quite work out whether the benefit of the experience outweighs the massive amount of money i've spent on the exhibition. hmmmm.. suppose i'll never know.

Since this exhibition ended i've been able to crack on with the work im doing for Warhouse. You may have already seen some character designs for this film project on the blog of Christian Wildgoose (link on the right). Its such a good script and im really excited about being a part of it. You can see and read more about Warhouse by visiting Luke Massey's blog with is also in my links on the right.

So far i've antiqued 5 of eventually 10 sketchbooks which will become the aged journals found and read by the main male character. i've given the first five to chris who's moving on set today and then i'll do the rest this week and take them with me when i move up there on monday myself.

I now feel like a thoroughly experienced tea stainer if anything!

Cant wait to start writing and sketching in them. Gathered some visual references for me and chris to work from in regards to the drawings, really exciting. This is the perfect project for me, being an artist who works part time in a book shop (I love old books) so creating old journals with drawings fits be perfectly :)

Heres a few documentation shots of what the pages look like so far.
They should have leather covers on eventually.

Off to make a start on the rest.
keep you posted.