Friday, 21 August 2009

Closed a door on the house of war

Since finishing work on Warhouse (very sad about that) i've been busying myself with a competition entry to keep my arty little mits and mind active.
Have found it very refreshing to apply some of my 'fine art' ideas to a brief for a change, this case being the creation of a vinyl cover for The Magic Number's new album.

I wont put it up properly until its finished, but i've sort of taken the idea from one of my stopframe animations (the one with the birds) and adapted it to fit the brief.

Also thought i'd put up a drawing i did for my friends birthday who is currently living in australia for abit.

Oh and I just came across this guy who's work with paper makes my fiddlings look trivial. So I suggest you have a look :)

and last but not least, I found out recently that i've graduated with a 1st class degree in Fine Art. Rather Happy.