Saturday, 14 November 2009

The Leaves Are Leaving

I'm off sick today so I thought i'd write a quick update to take my mind off how impossibly hungry I am, starving yourself is no fun. I would much rather have something coldy, an illness that you supposedly have to feed!!

Anyway, at the moment im working on a children's picture book about autumn called The leaves are leaving. I always get inspired by autumn, its an amazing natural process.

Anyway, I won't be putting any of the written work up on here (not that anyone actually reads my blog, but you cant be too careful these days!) but I expect i'll put up abit of the illustration work so you can get a feel of it :)

Going to read through one of the scripts Mehul Desai has sent me recently, as I said i'd try fit in some script illustration for him again.
Also very much looking forward to meeting up with the notorious Mr Ben Read (Warhouse) soon, to discuss some illustrative work he's got lined up for me. Very exciting. Love that man.

Have a good day x