Thursday, 14 January 2010

Warhouse Revisited

So yesterday me and Mr Wildgoose ventured out into the snow and downwards to Londonia!
There, after much walking around being lost and then finding the place we were aiming for before finding that the people we were meeting had moved on to somewhere else equally as un-findable.. we met Ben Read and Luke Massey: Parents of Warhouse.

And the teasing commenced.

Here we relived the highs and lows of the house of war, like it was all a bizare dream, and discussed future projects. Some very exciting things coming our way this year and im happy to have something to get my teeth into, besides my own project! i miss working creatively with other people alot!

So today I spent the day researching and sketching but also looking over some of the warhouse work (which ties in quite nicely with what im doing now) and realised that I only put a very small selection of the work up. So I thought I would just drop a line and put a few more pictures up :)

excuse the fingers! Don't have time to go through and crop all these.