Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Miss Flexy McStretch

Lots of little projects on the go at the moment.
I still work in the bookshop at the weekend, which i Love, but I also have two students and work as a private art tutor (One GCSE and one A Level) which takes up two of my afternoons in the week. The rest of the time i'm working as an illustrator! (hurrah!)

Two very different art projects on the go. I'm just going to show some of the work from one of then today however, as I haven't spoken to Ben Read (Publisher, Producer, all round general genious of ideas and literature) about showing any of the work online before the whole project is finished.

So, yes, I am currently working for Active Chiropractic, illustrating the aptly named 'Miss Flexy McStretch' performing different stretches. Above are some examples of some wrist/hand/forearm stretches.