Thursday, 16 December 2010


Hello :)
Spent most of the day yesterday drawing "Miss Flexy McStretch" (scans to follow) so in the evening I decided to just draw what I wanted to draw, which, once I started, I realised I hadn't done in a very long time. I just did about 6 or 7 pages in my sketchbook of whatever I wanted, without it being for anyone else - nice feeling :)

So here's a couple of pages from my sketchbook.
Two characters that I just love, in very different ways.
Mathilda I just find fascinating, such a confusion to behold. I've never seen a character so perfectly represent the weirdness of growing up, being both a child and an adult simultaneously in a mish mash of weirdness.
This was also my first little play with my new brush pen. Not yet able to control it as much as i'd like, so more practice will follow. But I like the flat blackness of it.

And Eva Nine is Tony DiTerlizzi's creation. She features in his children's book The Search for Wondla, which I have not yet read, but found on the shelf at work the other day and loved it instantly. The sketch is taken directly from his cover and so is not very creative of me. But I just love this image. Think i'll be doodling her more.