Thursday, 24 February 2011

Fol der ol

Couple of weeks ago, me and my little hobbit man (now apparently an 'Indie comics sensation') went to stay with Ben 'The Creator' of all things comics and books which look like they're for children but theyre actually for adults!
Had a very productive few days going over this years projects, slurping soup and eating posh jaffacakes. All in all, good times were had.

So now i've come away with a great deal of fun things to work on. Right now im ploughing through the layouts for our first on the list: Night Post.

I've got over excited and literally been doing this ever since we got back, so now im going to have to find a decent working schedule to fit my other projects in equally (never fear Mark!).

Pictured is a little inky sketch in planning for one of the Night Post scenes.