Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Just a few Flexy McStretch's :)

Think i've done about 40 of these drawings now.
The uncoloured drawings will have blue colourings to mark the place where the stretch should be felt, as these are a different level of stretches to the first set in pink.

Looking forward to getting stuck into my projects with Ben Read this year. Chris and I are going to stay with him next week to go over all the fun we have planned for the upcomming year.
These projects will be a lot more creative and more along the lines of what I want to be illustrating as a career. Right now i'm just thrilled to have an income from drawing but hopefully as time goes by I can filter out the jobs which I'm less excited by and concentrate on illustrating stories and things of my chosing! yaay :)

Hope all is well in your world :D