Wednesday, 23 March 2011


hmm.. so I had a bash at using watercolour which I haven't used in a very VERY long time. I hate this picture overall, but it served well as a little experiment, to help me get back into painting, to see if this method is appropriate for Night Post and to test different pens etc.

This was only a little sketch to play around with so perspective is way out the window.. but the main reason it doesn't look great is that its just too.. well.. green! Night Post is (funnily enough) set entirely at night, so i'm also going to have to get used to making everything visible, but also obviously set in the dark. Lots of luminous pools of moonlight and warm glowing street lamps I think. Plus I suppose everything will have a slightly blue hue to it. So too much green wont be my problem, blue will.

I've found that inking and then colouring knocks the black of the ink back a lot. Not too sure if I like it or not. May need re-inking afterwards which seems like a waste of time inking earlier. Or perhaps scan in the inks and then add the inks back in over the top digitally? ho hum.. haven't figured that one out yet. If anyone has suggestions or tried and tested methods they'd like to share :) please do.

There's little bits of it I quite like..

like these trees

And this small patch of pond water.

Also, added the parcel in last min, just left it in pencils. Which I quite like, I think it adds more character to the drawing. hmmm.

but overall... definitely not decided on a technique for NP yet. Looking forward to playing some more and excited to find something which may look good!