Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A Grave Business

Christian and I recently met up with Ben Read and Matt Gibbs to discuss this year's projects. Thankfully we were very productive and, among other things, named our imprint! We are now officially Improper Books. Ta-da!

We have a blog over at www.improperbooks.blogspot.com which will duplicate any IB related posts we put up on each of our individual blogs, plus extra updates on our goings on I expect. It'll be rather spacious for a while until we are way stuck in with the work, so expect some increased activity over there in the coming months.

We also completely replanned the running order of night post and added some much needed space to some aspects of the story.

Here's a slightly neater plan of the new graveyard layout (page 1 of a 3 page graveyard sequence).