Friday, 13 May 2011

The Graveyard!

Finally (sort of) finished the page thats taken me weeks to get my head around, and looking at it I dont know why, it looks so simple. I think i'm just dusting out the cobwebs of my artistic brain as things seem to be speeding up now (just as I have to stop for a weekend to work in the bookshop, which I like, but gets in the way of drawing mode!)

Anyway here it is. Minus a few details.

top panels will have a background, including trees sort of like this

and 5th panel should have some form of vamp at the top, getting back in to his tomb perhaps. Haven't decided whats in the bottle yet, perhaps tomato juice or something very innocent like that. I quite like tomato actually as it looks like blood. It's like he's a vegetarian or something. ha!

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