Friday, 6 May 2011


Work on turning my rough Night post sketches into final drawings is turning out to be a very slow process indeed. This being my first full scale sequential art project, keeping a good narrative continuity from panel to panel, making sure when an angle is changed that all the objects and people are in the right places in relation to the last panel and sorting out perspectives for sometimes 9 different images per page, is taking me a long time.

I've been working on this one page for over a week and i'm still no where near a final drawing. It doesn't help that when I take out my other jobs, I only have 2 or 3 full days a week to actually work on it. Bah. It's frustrating.

On this particular page i've started roughing it out digitally, as it's quicker to move bits around and adjust sections. Just simple shapes etc, then hopefully I can use them as a template, and lightbox the actual drawing over the top to make sure everythings in the right place. Even this is taking me a long time though, starting again when it doesn't make sense and shuffling things about.

^^ It's quite handy for roughly adding figures onto backgrounds, so you can move them about in the environment and see what works best.

Some i've mapped out purely digitally:

^^ This one you can tell i've used some photo refs to block in where I want the figures (minus postie on p1 and vamp on p3 so far). I Don't really like how it looks as if panels 1&2 are supposed to be one image running over. If it was the tomb would be too long. But it think once the other figure is added on the right of P1 it will obscure this illusion. Hopefully.

Hoping things will speed up as I go along :)