Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Painting the Night II

Did a little watercolour test for one of the Night Post panels. Not bad seeing as I haven't used them since I was a kid, but definitely need lots of practice! Watercolour can very easily get sludgey looking! :( as I found to my cost on the postie's skin tone.

I lightboxed the drawing in pencil onto watercolour paper. Going to look at getting all the panels printed waterproof onto the paper, as its going to double my work load to then lightbox all my panels on to the good paper. Plus lightboxing onto watercolour paper is not great, I'm using quite a smooth and relatively light weight paper but it's still difficult to see all the detail through and therefore impossible to copy the original as effectively.
I then went over after i'd coloured the pencils and inked certain places I wanted to stand out. Not the usual routine I know, but I like the effect.