Thursday, 28 July 2011


Ah it feels so good to be able to blog after nearly 2 months off the radar. Oooh I have lots of fun things to show you!

I've been away because of two reasons. Firstly, I was very lucky to be able to work on the upcoming UK release of Super 8. Then, immediately afterwards, Chris and I moved house and had to set up our study elsewhere. So it's been a long time and i'm rather behind on all sorts of things, but look! I arrive armed with lots of exciting things to fill my first blog back with!

It's Gonna Be Mint!

Yes indeed, J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg's Super 8 is due out in the UK on August 5th and I had the fun task of creating some illustrations and lettering for the interactive supporting site

As per the usual jolly set up these days, I was teamed up with the duo of awesomeness: Christian Wildgoose and Ben Read. If you follow the link you will see it is an interactive 3d environment, allowing you to navigate around Joe's bedroom desk (This is a main character in the film, a younng boy making his own zombie movie with his friends).

Here's a little look at what we created.

Monsters From The Morgue

A horror comic by Ben Read, Christian Wildgoose and Jim Campbell.

It can be read on the desk at Gonna be mint

Or downloaded on the Gonna be mint Tumblr

I had the pleasure of lettering the cover in 6 different languages.


EVACU-8 is a 70's style arcade game created for which you can play here! or by clicking on the advert on the desk.

I've had a play, it's very addictive.

This page was fun as Chris and I did it together. Comic lettering by Jim Campbell.

Astronaut with a lunch box. Naturally.

Tool Box


More bits and bobs to come :)

Have a super day!

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