Monday, 17 October 2011

In The Shadows


Thumbelina (1954) by BFIfilms

You may have noticed that a couple of weeks back, my Friday Favourite was Lotte Reiniger. Above is her beautiful imagining of Thumbelina. After stumbling upon her work, I got a'thinking. Well, more like remembering. Well, lets start from the beginning..

While studying for my degree, in my second year, I started to play with silhouettes. Cut from black paper with a scalpel. I really wanted to do something fascinating with them but I just didn't. I think my work just took me in a different direction. BUT ANYWAY, I kept the cut outs, gazing at them longingly from time to time, unable to throw them away, but with no way of putting them to any use. THEN, a couple of weeks before our final show, I took a 3 day stop frame animation workshop.

This was fantastic.

I made this little film. With black card.
It ended up going into my degree exhibition as a tiny little projection at the end of a dark corridor. It had the best feedback out of all my work (all my work which took months and months to prepare, yeah, this 3 day little speck of a project, joy). So I said to myself I would do more! I would! ... I haven't.

Since graduating i've had a steady flow of projects to work on. All of them I love, but I haven't actually had time to do anything just for the heck of it, just because I fancy doing it (thats the problem when it's a job, you have to do the work which you can exchange for dosh! Oh how self indulgent those four years at uni were, now I see!). So this FF sort of julted me into a need to play with black paper and light and shadow and fairytales.

Stop frame is so very time consuming, so I think i'm going to need to stick a pin in that for a while. But i'm aiming to fit in a few non-time-based silhouette work soon. Which should be fun! I'm excited! Yes. Watch this spot!

You can see the only other stop-frame animation i've made here.

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