Thursday, 10 November 2011

Hello you,

Now, it does niggle at me somewhat, how Christmas starts earlier and earlier each year. It's like one person puts a gift set out and the whole retailing world shrieks like a little girl and throws up some tinsel at the risk of being left behind.

HOWEVER.. if it means that I get to spend an entire weekend being arty and making silhouettes at work thats fine by me!

It's rather coinsidental actually. Just as I do a post about my love for silhouettes I get asked to make a load of BIG ONES! They're for the children's section in the bookshop where I work at the weekends. The only issue was Linda, one of our lovely children's section ladies who unfortunately has a fear of silhouettes. But she's coping ok so far. I think I may actually be helping to cure it.. umm.. I think?

Well that was fun :)

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