Wednesday, 28 December 2011

I want to be where the people are..

I recently read Hans Christian Andersen's The Mermaid and was so deeply affected by it, it was all I could think about for days.

I became a little obsessed with mermaids and found a whole load of fantastic illustrations and images. The book I read was a collection of fairytales illustrated by Edmund Dulac (found HERE on my friday favourites). I also then ordered a copy illustrated by Charles Santore (found HERE on my friday favourites). Both of these beautiful books i'll put up on The Worm when I get a mo.

For now here's some of my favourites:

1- If Mermaids Wore Gloves, The Ladies' World, Page 18, 1896
2- Arthur Rackham
6- Edmond Dulac
Charles Santore
9- H. J. Ford
10- Herbert James Draper