Tuesday, 17 January 2012



I'm sorry I know this isn't illustration related but I can't get the message across in a tweet!

Herts County Council and Veolia have planned a domestic, commercial and clinical waste incincerator to be placed in our little village! Boo!

It will be 41 meters high with 2 chimney stacks (100 meters high) on top! It will be seen for miles and miles around. It will be about half a mile from my flat, if that.
Incineration also contributes greatly to climate change and is the most expensive form of waste disposal. It also provides no incentive to recycle!

What really gets my goat:

- It will close down our central resources Library!!

- It will cost apparently millions to relocate the special needs school which is directly opposite the site and then move them back again to be right next to the incinerator. Fun, fumey times in the playground for them! :(

- It is being built on green belt land, which is also a home for various "protected" animal species. Not so protected now!

- There will be up to 458 'traffic movements' every day. Meaning that hundreds of 38+ tonne HGV's will be in and out of Hatfield and our small neibouring village all day every day!

Not fun.

Closing date for objections is Jan 31st and so far and (us being a very small community) we apparently only have around 400 registered objections. We need thousands to start to make a difference.

If you'd like to help us, please send your objection to newbarnfieldplanning@hertscc.gov.uk

Look! I'll even make it easy for you. If you like, just copy and paste this into your email and sign your name. Easy peasey lemon squeezy!


To whom it may concern,

I would like to register my wholehearted objection to planning application 6/2570-11 by Veolia environmental services to build an incinerator (RERF) at New Barnfield, South Hatfield/Welham Green.

I am especially upset by the negative effect it shall have on the surrounding area, such as the closing of New Barnfield Central Resources Library which is so valuable to our community and the loss of green belt land. It is green belt for a reason and it's reduction shall have a disasterous effect on local protected species. I am also very unhappy in regards to the increased levels of traffic it shall bring to our neibourhood. This will not only make our roads less safe, but will increase pollution, noise and congestion also.

I believe the incinerator itself is not the most effective method of waste disposal as it contributes to pollution and climate change, is very expensive to run and provides no incentive to recycle or to reduce levels of waste.

I truely hope that these issues are taken into consideration.



ok, rant over. If you get a mo to send an email I will be very thankful and.. erm.. make you cookies?

Thank you!