Tuesday, 10 January 2012

You're a wizard Harry... but so are these other guys!

If you know me, it's not big news that I love the Harry Potter books.

But I thought i'd just share with you a couple of other messy-haired, bespectacled boy wizards you may not know.

Tim Hunter

I'm a big Gaiman fan, but I haven't yet read any of The Books of Magic, a DC comic series originally released in 1990. It follows Timothy Hunter, a boy wizard with some rather strikingly similar physical features to the (at the time) unborn Harry, whose round glasses, messy hair and signature snowy owl is now recognised the world over.

Tim also attends a boarding school and has some traumatic childhood experiences including the death of his mother. But as far as I can tell (having not actually read it) that is where the similarities end.

There were a lot of rumors concerning Neil's feelings about the success of Harry, which appear to be fabricated (as nearly all rumors are). He responded with: "I wasn't the first writer to create a young magician with potential, nor was Rowling the first to send one to school".
True that.

(Jon Foster's cover illustration-
scan from ImagineFX magazine, July '09)


The Magic in the Mist is a wonderful children's book by Margaret Mary Kimmel. It was illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman in 1975 (who has an entry on my Friday Favourites page).

It tells the story of a young boy wizard who lives with a toad called Jeremy, in (a very Hagrid-looking) hut, in the Welsh countryside. He is rather poor at magic but one day finds a dragon which changes everything.
As you can see, very strong connections to the future Harry in appearance! He even has a Gryffindor scarf on! Well perhaps not Gryffindor exactly.

(scan from The Magic in the Mist)

So, to conclude, black messy hair, round glasses and a stripey scarf = good look for boy wizards.
It's obviously the magical fashion.
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