Thursday, 21 February 2013

February Tale

Hello :D

If you're not aware of A Calender of Tales then here's a quick explanation:
Neil Gaiman has teamed up with Blackberry to create a truly unique collection of short stories. He devised twelve questions, one for each month of the year and then sent these out into the twitterverse.
@neilhimself has 1,820,230 followers and is very much loved as an author, so you can imagine the response!

(I think you can probably still read the answers on twitter if you search for febtale, jantale, octtale etc. As they were hashtagged. They really were amazing, funny, weird, heartwarming, and some very sad.)

He then chose one tweet for each month and used it as inspiration for a short story. He wrote two stories a day and very quickly got them up online. You can read them for free by clicking the 'calender of tales' link in the first line of this post.

The next stage is to create illustrations for them. Obviously I jumped to it as i'm a mahoosive Gaiman fan and love to create!

I have only had a chance to read the January and February stories so far, but I was so taken with the imagery for the latter, that I created a quick watercolour piece right away.

' Grey February skies, misty white sands, black rocks, and the sea seemed black too, like a monochrome photograph, with only the girl in the yellow dress adding any colour to the world. '  

The story was based on this truly inspirational tweet:

@neilhimself asked:
"What's the strangest thing that ever happened to you in February?"
@TheAstralGypsy replied:
"Met a girl on beach, searching for her grandma's pendant, lost 50 years ago. I had it, found previous Feb."

You can submit your own images and view the other submissions HERE (deadline: 5pm GMT 11/03/13)

Hopefully I will find some time to do at least one other.
In other news, I feel like poop today. Off to drink some yucky Lemsip! (boo) x