Tuesday, 26 February 2013

July Tale

Hello there :D

I had a rare day where I was up to date on all my Night Post work and awaiting feedback, so I created a second illustration for Neil Gaiman's Calender of Tales.
This one is July, you can read the short story HERE.

Click HERE to see my illustration for February with an explanation of the project.

Wanted to do something completely different with this one, so thought i'd do an entirely digital piece.

Some quotes from the story which inspired the image:

"It is Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights," I told her.
"It's the town's Fourth of July fireworks, baby," said my wife.

I saw the shadows of the bears before I saw the bears themselves: huge they were, and pale, made of the pages of fierce books: poems ancient and modern prowled the ice floes in bear-shape filled with words that could wound with their beauty. I could see the paper, and the words winding across them, and I was frightened that the bears could see me.

I heard distant thunder, and in the night, while we slept, it began to rain, tumbling my igloo of books, washing away the words from the world.

*  *  *

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