Wednesday, 6 March 2013

October Tale

Out of all 12 of Neil Gaiman's Calender Tales, October is my favourite.
Weirdly enough, it's not one of the stories I have illustrated.

However, this month also seems to have my most favourite art submissions from other people.
Just thought i'd put my favourites up as I'm rather fond of this story (and I like looking at things I like all in one place, hence Friday Favourites!)

Unfortunately when submitting work there is no option to leave a link, only a name (and in most cases people haven't left a full one). So i'm sorry for lack of crediting.

By Liana

By Evelmiina

By Linda

By Elizabeth Leggett

By Metzpah

By Mirane

By Toby Allen

By Maya

By Aco

By N. A. Jones

Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did. I suggest you read the short story, it's a bit of alright. 

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