Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Owl Girl

Couple weeks back Chris showed me this mesmerising music video to Iron by Woodkid (who I had previously never heard of, but they seem pretty cool!) and I instantly wanted to draw every single thing I saw! It's such a beautiful video.

Last night I thought i'd play about with using different coloured digital ink as i've really enjoyed the effects it can create, especially with the ghosts in Night Post. The perfect opportunity to do something from the video! I totally cheated and picked a specific still from the video and used it as a template, inking over the top. Can't wait to do some pencil sketching from this too. I need to make time for just general sketching and learning, I spend all my time trying to move forward with projects and leave no time for just general practice and experimentation and I feel this is really stunting my arty growth. Aaanyway, enough gibbergabber, this is what I ended up with:

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