Friday, 18 October 2013

Hello Autumn

Feeling very Halloweeny and Autmny-good.
I just love Autumn. I would ramble on about it's amazingness, but it would never be as good as this blog post by my friend Chloe. (You should also check out the rest of her blog, as it's a wonderful, secret corner of the internet just waiting to be discovered).

I put an unfinished crop of this up on the Improper Books Tumblr (where Chris, Bevis and myself post up work in progress) a little while back, but as it fits with the Halloween theme I thought i'd just put it up on here too:

Here's a few more Halloweeny crops/zooms from Night Post, to get you in the mood :D

Ben has written some really awesome creepy little characters into this book. I just love drawing them!

Chris spent a couple of very hot weeks abroad recently and he absolutely loves cold weather, so I made everything extra Autumnal to welcome him home. Thankfully my Dad has grown lots of pumpkins this year, so many more grinning, flickering decorations (and yummy orange food!) to come.

(Gah! Ignore horrible ipad quality photo. Big fan of the ipad, but the camera is laaaame).

Here's a picture I took last year when my first Scary Godmother book arrived! Looking forward to making these stories a Halloween tradition. In fact, right on cue, I was sent a free 16 page Scary Godmother digi comic yesterday, as I backed Jill Thompson's recent Kickstarter campaign. Devoured it already. It also means that sometime next year I'll be sent one of these!! :

Scary Godmother Doll!! :D

Also, talking of Halloween reading traditions, check out All Hallows Read.
Have a fantastic Autumn!