Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Weekly Witch

Hi all,
Firstly, hurray for Disney witches! :D

I studied Fine Art at uni, where I was pretty much discouraged from this sort of drawing (apart from life drawing which only Chris, Gerald the crazy naked model and I ever seemed to attend). So when I graduated and started working in illustration i'd basically had a 3 year break from this way of thinking and working. So i've mostly just been learning on the job, finding my feet within comics and slowly working out what works best for me.

This is why I had the idea of setting myself an illustration-school-style mini project. I want to loosen up and try out some different things, so i've decided to draw A Witch A Week! They will explore different materials, be in different sorts of styles and hopefully be more of a quick experiment than a polished or overworked piece. To make it fun I will be choosing my favourite witches from books and film! :D

I did these two last night, using the method which i've become used to over the past year. From now on, hopefully each witch will be out of my comfort zone. I'm excited to see if I find a new way of working that I love!

I'm going to collect all the images on a Weekly Witch page.

I hope you enjoy them.. and your little dog too! *evil cackle*

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