Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Who's been eating MY porridge!?

Helloo :)

One of my goals for this year has been to work on some side projects for fun. I thought it would help me to explore some new styles and practices and provide some freedom to work away from one particular way of doing things.

One idea I thought would be good fun is to design some patterns, for gift wrap or other such uses. After creating a repeating pattern for some wallpaper in Night Post  I was reminded of my excitement about this and now, having finished Night Post and in the beginning stages of my next Improper book, i've got a bit more time than usual to try out new things.

I'm brimming with ideas and have so far created 3 different single sheet pieces. Two very simple ones (centred around my love of trees!) and one to start off a series of fairy tale themed designs. Some will be interlocking full-coverage patterns, whereas some will be individually arranged items from a particular story like this:

This is just one i've arranged as a single sheet, but i'm looking forward to working it into a repeating pattern (which is quite challenging!) so that the design is more flexible and I can keep the items large on the page like this or have oodles of smaller ones.

I will probably add three beds into the mix at some point too! :)

Here are the illustrations if you want to see them a little more clearly:

I've also had fun just cropping them about and playing.
Anyway, lots of exciting things are happening! Wish I could talk about them all but I will be good and keep it all to myself for now hardyhar :D 
Hope you're all enjoying the nice weather!