Monday, 3 November 2014

Halloween News

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween! Mine was great, apart from being full of lurgy and being tremendously disappointed that there wasn't a tiny house to discover inside ANY of my pumpkins.

However, this Halloween was extra exciting as we announced the upcoming release of my first book!

Night Post is an all-ages, entirely wordless comic, written by Benjamin Read and illustrated by myself. It will be available from 12th November at comic shops such as Gosh! and Orbital Comics (London) and Page 45 (Nottingham). You can also come say hi and pick up a copy from us in person at Thought Bubble comic art festival in Leeds, on the 15th/16th Nov! :D

Check out a free preview HERE.

I thought i'd just put up some pictures showing the different stages of creating the cover, for anyone who's interested :) I'll keep it simple and just show the stages of the chosen design, perhaps i'll put up other ideas I had for the cover in future. 

We wanted the cover to reflect the busy nature of the interior artwork. Ben and Matt had some favourite characters they wanted to see on the front too, so I basically just went mad, including all of these plus loads of little bits and bobs from the book.

I then scaled it back, removing parts which weren't quite working, relieving areas which were overcrowded and basically just finding a more successful composition 
(but making sure it kept that busy feeling). 

Once we were all happy with it, I went ahead and inked over the rough drawing in Manga Studio.

Then came the colours! I like to use a mixture of watercolours I've scanned in myself and digital colouring. I added the ghosts in at this stage instead of inking them, as I wanted them to feel less substantial than the other characters.

And that was my part done! Next it's handed over to our lovely designer Zoe Horn Haywood, who added the awesome text she'd been working on, plus doing a whole multitude of other clever things like adjusting the colour levels so that the image can be successfully printed and making sure everything lines up nicely with the spine and back cover too. 

And here's the finished cover!