Friday, 15 May 2015

Cover Versions

Here's a little post about a recent piece I created for Cover Versions, a charity art project organised by Robin Harman of Orbital Comics. The idea was to combine a love of comics and music in a way which could raise some cash for Brain Tumour Research, a charity very close to Robin's heart. So 14 comics artists, myself included, were asked to recreate an album cover for a 2-week exhibition at Orbital, London.
The exhibition came to a close yesterday but to find out more about the project, the pieces, the charity or to buy prints just head to the website.

I chose Florence and the Machine's Ceremonials. This isn't a particular favourite album of mine (although I do like a bit of Flo) instead, I was more drawn to the image of Florence herself and the subject matter of the songs on this album.

If you head here, you can read an interview with me about creating my cover, my favourite cover songs etc!

I wanted to depict Florence as a sort of Ophelia character. Her pre-raphaelite looks, coupled with this album's obsession with water and drowning seemed to make a good fit. 

Ophelia by John Everett Millais, 1852

Ophelia by John William Waterhouse, 1894

Some initial thumbnail sketches:



Colours and lettering:

 I'm not particularly well practiced in the art of lettering. Selecting the correct font and positioning can really enhance or ruin a picture. Not especially happy with mine but there you are. I used their official logo/font for the name of the band.

Here's some beautiful images I looked at for inspiration:

Finally, if you'd like to give to charity and get a print in return, head over to the online shop where you can order any of the cover versions created for this project :)

Bye! *swims off through lily pads*