Thursday, 6 August 2015


The blog has been a tad quiet recently but lots of exciting things are still happening!
I've been writing, which is new to me and alas, there isn't really anything you can show for it.
But once the illustrations are underway i'm sure i'll be able to start sharing little bits and bobs.

In the meantime I just thought I'd put up this lovely little review of Night Post by Charles de Lint, which I stumbled upon a few weeks back:

I love this book. There's nothing to read. It's basically a picture book without words, or maybe it's a comic book without words. Regardless, it's so full of story and charm that it makes me smile every time I reread it. And I've reread it several times since it first arrived for review.

It opens in a suburb in the evening with a man reading his child to sleep, then watching some TV with his wife before he sets off to work. It stays grounded all the way through his walk to work on dark windy streets until he finally arrives at his destination. That's when the wonders begin.

Turns out our protagonist is a postman, but not a regular one. He delivers the night post: letters and packages addressed to the creatures that haunt the night. My favorite delivery is the first one which goes to some ghosts in an old haunted house. Unfortunately, they can't interact with the physical world, so they can't read their letter. The night postman's solution is to burn the letter whereupon they're able to read the "ghost" of it.

From there he goes on to deliver mail to merfolk and ogres, vampires and ghouls, the billy goats gruff and gargoyles…basically a complete rundown of monsters and beasts and beings from folklore and fairy tales. There are cameos of everything from Baba Yaga's hut and the Borrowers to a hobbit's round door. There's a hellhound, a doorway from a fairy ring that leads into the fairy realms, a visit to the gingerbread house. On and on he goes until the night's deliveries are done and he finally gets to go home where he makes his last delivery to the monster under his daughter's bed.

The book purports to be "Suitable for Children of all ages," according to the back cover, and there's certainly nothing particularly graphic in it. However, you still might want to vet it before reading it with a very young child, or one susceptible to night terrors. But for everyone else, Night Post is a pure joy from start to finish. Even without words, writer Benjamin Read shows a sly wit and a storytelling flair while artist Laura Trinder matches his whimsy and good humor in each panel she paints and draws.

Highly recommended.

The round Hobbit door mentioned in the review above, before colours were added.

Thank you Charles! This made my day :)

Here are some of the lovely comic and book shops that usually stock Night Post:
- Abstract Sprocket, Norwich
- Chaos City Comics, St. Albans
- Foyles, London Southbank
- GNASH, Devon
- Gosh!, London
- Ok Comics, Leeds
- Orbital Comics, London
- Page 45, Nottingham
- Planet Ace, Essex
- Travelling Man, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, York
- Waterstones, Hatfield, Uxbridge, Sunderland

Or online at the Page 45 website.

On another note, i'm running another kids workshop tomorrow! Head over to Waterstones Uxbridge for a fun hour of making comics at midday! Age 7+
Call the shop on 01895 272800 for info or to book a place. It's free!

They should also have a few copies of Night Post over there, so if you'd like to pick one up and get it signed, then head on over.

To see pictures from my past events, including the activity we'll be doing tomorrow, click on the Workshops button at the top of this page :D