Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Improper Books News!


Exciting times at Improper Books :)

Firstly, has had a spruce up! Here you can discover all our books, read reviews or find out any news we have / events we're attending etc.
It looks so pretty now! Love the very visual layout:

We've also just announced our upcoming releases and re-releases, including an international release of my first book, Night Post!

Lovely 'shelfie' sent to me by Zoe Andreas! :)
It will be available via Diamond Comics Distributers from Wednesday 9th December, 2015.
It can be pre-ordered with Diamond code: OCT151509

I'm so excited for our books to be reaching a wider audience.

Thought i'd just end by putting up something Night Posty, so here's my 4 main stages of creating the dragon page!

See ya! :)