Thursday, 29 October 2015

1 hour illustrations


This week I was struck with an idea for a drawing and instead of jotting it down and never coming back to it, I put my other work on hold and set myself one hour to make it real.

I always say I want to make time for creating images outside of my major projects, but when it comes down to it, I always feel like I need to spend that time on my 'proper work'.

I posted the image up on Illustration World, a group which I joined a few weeks ago and recently reached 3000 members on facebook. If you are an illustrator, I highly recommend joining a group like this. It reminds me of being at university and sharing work with groups of likeminded people for support and feedback.

Anyway, there was some interest in seeing my process so here is a simple step-by-step on how I created this image:

I started with a loose sketch in photoshop of the image I had in my head.
I took a quick snap of my own hand on my phone for reference.

Next I layered in one of my watercolour scans as a background
and drew in some simple tree shapes.

I added some dark ferns in the foreground and on a separate layer,
coloured the hand in tones of white and pale blue.

Next I adjusted the opacity of the hand layer. Then I went in with a soft brush and erased some areas
further, so that it was more transparent towards the top of the image.

I didn't have a step-by-step process in mind while working on the image,
so I'm sorry I don't have anything which splits up the drawing of the little witch.
But you can see she's just made up of very basic shapes.

Added some ghostly light on the witch, some glow to the hand and some little sparkly magic specks :)

Finally, I added some extra depth by making the trees look like they're disappearing up into darkness. I also added
some mist through the trees, a shadow under the witch and some quick scribbles on the floor for grass. Oh, I also removed the layer which had the original sketch on it. Done! :)

I so enjoyed this that the next day I set aside one hour for another image:

If you'd like to see it, I'll put up another process post for this one too!
Some people seem interested in trying out the 1 hour challenge, so I've started a hashtag #1hourillo so you can share your images! Give it a go, it really helps to loosen up your work and disregard things you might otherwise fiddle and ponder over for ages. 

Laura x