Sunday, 1 November 2015

1 hour illustrations

Hey guys!

A lot of you seemed to like the first one of these, so I thought I'd put up the process stuff for the second #1hourillo I made this week.

Here goes:
I wanted to expand upon the first image a little, exploring the over-sized ghostly human in the woods thing.
I saw a woman sleeping in the forest and went with that. No time to really think too much.
I started with a quick digi sketch of the sleeping figure.

Next I roughly plotted out her surroundings.
Trees and a bit of a ledge in the foreground to fill that space in a more interesting way.

A few more details added, like curious woodland creatures and branches.

Next step was to start adding colour. I imported the same watercolour scan as before for the
background and blocked in some trees. I also shaded the ground falling downwards in the foreground, which I now see looks like a pond instead because of the rocks. Oh well, pond, ledge, either is fine!

Then I created a block white shape for the whole of the figure, like a silhouette, on a separate layer.
Here you can see the transparency of that layer has been adjusted, so we can see through her a bit.

Next I added some details to the sleeper, at varying levels of transparency.

My hour was very nearly up, so I quickly scribbled on some final details like birds, tree fungus, faded background trees etc. Done!

I'm enjoying these, so hopefully I'll do a few more next week. Hope everyone had a spooky Halloween!