Wednesday, 25 November 2015


After being away from my desk for a week or so for Thought Bubble and a number of other things, I was feeling exhausted and like i'd lost momentum with my current project. All this lead to me just being generally reluctant to jump back into the thick of it yesterday.

My remedy for this really worked. I just decided to play and experiment and draw for fun. I bought some new watercolour brushes for photoshop (which you can get here, they are amazing!) and tried those out. I did some quick Harry Potter character sketches which I really enjoyed. I discovered a big bunch of new artists I haven't seen before and poured over their beautiful work on instagram. I basically recharged myself with new enthusiasm and excitement to create!

Bring it on.

You're chilly, Harry!

Little Ginny in a ghastly Weasley jumper (but I still want one).

Testing out new brushes! :D
A few people have asked if i'm doing Illustrated Advent again this year. I really want to. I find it difficult to do one every single day, especially around christmas when normal routine goes out the window, but i'm going to try! After doing these, I'm tempted to make them all Potter themed this year! What do you think?