Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Take a book to your reading nook!

Hello :)
For a long while now I've had a collection of images in my mind that I've wanted to illustrate and today I finally got around to making one! Hurray! It always feels so good to get something out of your head and into the world. They're all based around reading in special places and I wanted them to encourage children (or anybody) to read. Or to just generally make it look like a nice idea to pick up a book and find a comfy place to spend some time with it.

I'm attempting to spring clean my blog and I thought this one would make a nice header, so you can probably see it at the top of my page, but here's the original image:

But then those little lanterns just screamed out to me to be lit up, so I quickly converted it to a night time scene and used it to make an animated gif. This is only the second gif i've ever made and much more simple than my first attempt. I really like how it brings a new life to the drawing. I'll definitely be making more of these! So cute!

Night night.