Wednesday, 2 November 2016


Everyone knows I love drawing and books. So to getting asked to draw a bookshop, to promote a book, to be displayed in bookshops is like some kind of arty bookish heaven for me.

I just love it when I see Quercus pop up in my inbox, because every time so far it's meant I get to draw something awesome. This time it was a series of posters for the release of Bookshops by Jorge Carrion. It was a delight to create these in my studio and then go into the bookshop where I work and see them arrive a week or so later. If you're a bookseller, they are available upon request from Quercus. I think about 20 shops so far have go them up.

If you spot them in a shop, I'd love to see! Feel free to tweet or instagram me: @Trindles_
Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful autumn we're having. x