Thursday, 26 October 2017

2017 Comic Cons

Autumn is con season for us! This year we had a fab time at:

Thought Bubble Comic Art Festival, Leeds


Thanks very much to everyone who stopped by our tables to pick up our books or have a chat! Thanks also to all the marvellous exhibitors we made friends with this year and great to see old comics chums too. Can't fail to mention all the amazing support staff and organisers at these events, always so friendly and helpful (especially a fan of the complimentary tea and biscuits trolley which seemed to be in constant orbit at LICAF, don't get that kinda service at NYCC!)  :)

Top, L-R: Bevis Musson, me! Sara Dunkerton, Matt Gibbs & Chris Wildgoose
Middle, L-R: Chris Wildgoose & Brian Vander.
Bottom, L-R: Benjamin Read, me! & Chris Wildgoose