The Bookseller!


Here is the poster Ben and I made for booksellers receiving proof copies of our new book!


If you’d like to print your own copy, please follow this link, where you can download a hi-res version.

I received a request to make a copy with ‘The Librarian’ at the top instead, which I have done! You can download that version here.

It wants to be on your staffroom wall! I can feel it! :)


Fun fact: I originally drew a Gruffalo plush in her arms, before we realised that probably wasn’t allowed on the official poster! He was a big part of my bookselling experience so it just seemed natural to include him. But surely there’s no harm in showing him here? He’s so cute! (The Gruffalo is of course created by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. Other monster-based fluffy characters are available. As you can see, I settled on some sort of moomin-dragon hybrid thing. I like him).