Midnight Strikes!

This week The Midnight Hour was officially published!

The support we’ve received from readers, friends, family, bloggers and booksellers so far has been really overwhelming. Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has picked up a copy and sent me your pictures! I love seeing them.

(That’s Marina at the bottom there. She’s awesome. If you’re in the St. Albans area, you should visit her wonderful comic book shop Chaos City!)

A special thanks to Vicky at Waterstones Milton Keynes Midsummer for this amazing pillar display!


A shout out to Waterstones Welwyn too, for their great fabric display and very supportive shelf talker (seen on the grid of photos above). Thank you, Robin, I’d know your handwriting anywhere!

This week I also visited my local primary school to donate a copy to their library. I only intended to pop it in, but I received a full tour of the school (they have a fort! A Teletubbyland with tunnels! A Roundhouse! An allotment! Am I too big to go back to school?) and I answered some great questions from year 5 and 6.

I put him on right away!

I put him on right away!

When I got home from the school, I opened my post and found a card and this wonderful gift from the lovely publishing team at Chicken House! I love my little shiny Hoggins! (There is a very handsome ‘hedgepig’ in The Midnight Hour).

Midnight and I have had a fun-filled week of official publication. We are book of the week over at The Phoenix Comic, Books For Keeps, and The South Wales Evening Post. We’re also children’s book of month for Dubray Books, Foyles Royal Festival Hall and The Book Activist!

Right, that’s quite enough showing off. Hope you’ve all had a fab week too!

Happy reading :)